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We’re equipped to manufacture cheeses to suit any set of requirements, tailoring taste, colour and texture to the specific needs of the meat, poultry and bakery industries – meaning that our products find themselves in a diverse range of foods from Russian sausages to pies. Customisation is
king, and this extends to defined grating blends as well as packaging. Our facility can grate, dice and vacuum pack product into any size according to your specifications.

Our Range


Hard, yellow or white in colour and bursting with creamy, nutty flavour, our cheddar is ideal for grating, snacking and sandwiches. It’s available in weight variations from 2,5kg to 10kg, as well as smaller 250g to 1kg portions, and is also sold grated in 1kg or 2kg bags.


Our gouda is light yellow in colour, has a smooth, sweet taste and is sold with or without red wax. It’s perfect for those desiring a mild flavour and versatile application, and is available in round wheels or blocks, in weight variations from 2,5kg to 10kg, as well as smaller 250g to 1kg portions, and is also sold grated in 1kg or 2kg bags.

Danish White

Our flagship product is a white, salty yet creamy cheese that’s ideally suited to salads, pizza, quiches or snacking. It’s available in block or cubed form submerged in a brine solution, and comes in fixed-weight 180g and 375g tubs; and 3kg buckets.


Famous for use on pizzas or in salads, our mozzarella is off-white with a creamy, rubbery texture that melts beautifully. It’s available vacuum sealed in weight variations from 250g
to 2.5kg portions, and grated or diced in 1 or 2kg packets.


Made from cow’s milk, this semi-hard cheese’s high melting point means that it can be baked, grilled or fried to perfection. Our halloumi has a mild taste, is seasoned with mint and comes in fixed weights of 400g tubs, or 1,5kg or 3kg buckets – submerged in a salty brine solution.

Pizza Cheese

Designed with a soft, creamy taste and special melting and stretching properties that make it perfect for pizza, this off-white cheese is created using natural mozzarella, milk powders and vegetable oil. It’s available in random weight 250g to 10kg portions and grated or diced in fixed weight 2kg packets.

Low Melt Cheddar

Designed to have low to no melt characteristics under heat, this cheese is ideal for the food, meat and baking industries as product formulations require less cheese. The low melting properties also allow this mature flavoured cheddar to maintain a visible cheese appearance after cooking. It’s available in random weights from 2.5 to 10kg and as grated or diced in fixed weight 2kg packets.

Imitation Cheddar

Our imitation cheddar is a light yellow, elastic cheese that’s formulated using milk powders, vegetable oil and cheddar flavouring. With excellent grating and melting properties, it’s ideal as a cost saving alternative that can be mixed with natural cheddar. It’s available in 2.5 to 10kg random weights or grated in 2kg packets.

Cream Cheese

This soft, mild, spreadable cheese is made with a mixture of jersey cow’s milk and cream for a rich, smooth texture. Our cream cheese is available in 2.5 and 5kg fixed weight buckets.

Imitation Mozzarella

Produced using milk powders, vegetable oil and mozzarella flavouring, this off-white cheese can be grated or melted with ease and is a cost effective alternative that can be combined with natural mozzarella. It’s available in 2.5 to 10kg random weights or grated in 2kg packets.

Processed Cheese

Our processed cheese is a mild, light yellow cheddar that’s made from a combination of natural cheddar, gouda and cheddar flavouring. It’s ideal for cooking or snacking, and is available in weight variations from 1 to 10kg, fixed weight 125g, 250g, 800g portions or grated in 2kg packets.


This processed hard cheese has a traditional nutty flavour and is ideal for Italian dishes such as pasta and pizza. Available grated in 1kg packets or 2kg round wheels.

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Our family business has been producing cheeses for the manufacturing, catering and retail industries for decades, and has developed a reputation for superior quality, hygiene and service that we are extremely proud of. When it comes to factory operations, only the utmost standards of modern efficiency and safety will do – we are fully HACCP compliant and have passed all food safety audits. Our products are widely used across South Africa by restaurants, hotels, caterers and households, which are serviced through our network of dedicated wholesale distributors.
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